#1 Tech To Increase Retail Sales Immediately

How retailers can increase same-store sales with the click of a button


If you’re in retail, there is nothing worse than the slow days. The days when sales slow to a drip and foot traffic comes to a near halt. To make you feel even more helpless during these times, you can no longer depend on the lure of the mall to drive traffic to your stores. Customers don’t have to come to the mall anymore. You are probably looking for a solution that helps you hit your sales targets on these tough days – keep on reading. 

How do I get my customer’s attention?

There hasn’t been a better time for retail marketers — customers can now be reached anywhere and at all times. Conversely, customers have more options than they’ve ever had before, so competition is fierce for their attention.

Marketers need the type of messaging channel that guarantees delivery at 8:00 pm on a Sunday when your customer is curled up on her couch watching Netflix and browsing the latest deals on her phone. How do you get her attention and place your message – call-to-action – into her hands at this time?

Text messaging might be the only technology that provides retailers with impressive guarantees, such as:

  • 98% of messages are opened and read within minutes.
  • All of your customers can receive a text message; and,
  • No SPAM filtering that will interfere with your campaigns.

Text messages are delivered. Period. 

A Same-Store Sales Case Study:

So what happens to sales when you add text messaging to your marketing mix?

We recently worked with a large retail chain to test the power of text messaging. We compared a single store sale in year 1, without text messaging, to a similar sale in year 2, using text messaging.

The sales results will shock you!

  • Same Day YR 1 NO SMS – $17,000 per store on sales dates.
  • Same Day YR 2 with Raange SMS – $52,000 per store on sales dates.

That’s a 300% increase in YoY sales! Using a technology that is literally guaranteed to get your message into the hands of your customers, is a great way to drive traffic and sales to your physical stores. 

Now, think of the sales opportunities if on those slow days or the days you need to exceed same-store sales targets, you strategically send out a text message to your best customers and provide them with a timely reason to visit your stores like a 24-hour Sale… 

Don’t have a list of mobile numbers to contact? We put together this blog post outlining a quick strategy to get you on your feet: 5 Quick Steps To Generate More Retail Sales Today!