Raange Success Stats

Raange Highlights:

  • Raange Smart Solutions used in more than 1,400 stores across North America
  • Deliver 3X increase in CRM Database growth.
  • Retargeting CRM Database doubled e-commerce sales growth.
  • Over 95% text messages opened and read within 5 minutes of dispatch.

Customer Registration Process Time:

Raange SMS process captured customer sign up in 10 seconds. 

Email via web page registration process captures customer sign up in 30-45 seconds.

Email & SMS Comparative Case Study:

In one month, we collected 3,000 email and mobile registrations using Raange Smart Solutions at one brick-and-mortar location. We ran a side-by-side campaign with the same offer and unique redemption codes – one for email and one for SMS – to test attributed sales.

In less than 24 hours, the campaign delivered the following results:

  • Email: 15 email coupon redemptions at the cash.
  • SMS: 192 sms coupon redemptions at the cash.

Staggering Sales Results:

  • Email: Sales uplift of  $700
  • SMS: Sales uplift of $9,000

After the success of the program, Raange Smart Solutions was scaled to all 150 retail locations across Canada in one month.

  • In one year, we built a customer eMarketing database of over 380,000 contacts (email and mobile data)

Store-Level Sales Campaigns:

Raange powered targeted in-store sales campaign with SMS dispatching, comparable YoY stats:

  • Same Day YR 1 NO SMS – $17,000 per store on sales dates.
  • Same Day YR 2 with Raange SMS – $52,000 per store on sales dates.
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