ROI Study: Email VS Text Message Marketing

Which channel delivers more sales in store – Email Marketing VS Text Message Marketing?

As a marketer, it’s important that you test the different marketing channels available to you. But with so many different channels, it can be stressful trying to identify the best option for you.

We want to share a recent campaign comparison we ran for a retail client, testing email marketing vs text message marketing. The results will SHOCK you!

The Problem: Our retail client was focusing on email marketing campaigns that had disappointing open rates (less than 12%), which resulted in little uplift in sales.

The Challenge: The cleint wanted to try a new marketing channel: text messaging, to see if there was a discernible difference in ROI as compared to their email campaigns.

Email & Text Message Comparative Case Study:

To start, we wanted to help grow a new customer database so as to ensure that: a) subscribers were properly opted-in to our client’s marketing program; and, b) all the mobile numbers were properly collected and validated. We set up our Interactive Signage in 1 store location to collect opt-in consumer data for a 1 month time period. In that month we collected over 3,000 email and mobile registrations using text-in incentives. Next, we ran a side-by-side campaign over email and text messaging with the same offer and unique redemption codes in order to measure attributed sales.

In less than 24 hours, the campaign delivered the following results:

  • Email: 15 email coupon redemptions at the cash.
  • Text: 192 sms coupon redemptions at the cash.

As you can see, the text message drove nearly instant traffic and sales to their physical retail location.

Staggering Sales Results:

  • Email: Sales uplift of  $700
  • Text: Sales uplift of $9,000

After the success of the program, our in-store text-in technology was scaled to all 100 retail locations across Canada in one month. No expensive development required!!

  • In one year, we added over 380,000 new subscribers to their customer database. 

Now imagine the success of the program scaled across the entire store chain…..

What are you waiting for?? Let’s run a test today!!!!

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