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RAANGE is the Marketing Engagement Platform that powers teams to manage subscriber acquisition and execute mobile campaigns with confidence.Living at the beginning of the marketing stack, RAANGE automates subscriber acquisition and integrates to the tools and platforms marketers depend on the most. We help retailers to grow their owned audience by rapidly expanding their marketing lists and using high-converting mobile channels to target customers during their post-purchase journey.




The heroes of our story...

Eric Nykamp

CEO & Cofounder

Kevin Guillaume

Head of Information Systems & Security

Diane Wuttke

Product Manager

James Elenakis

President and Cofounder

Alex Roitenburg

Database Architect

Matthew Seniuk

Head of Growth

John Giannatsis

CTO & Cofounder

Tasso Angelidis

Platform Architect

Jonathan Raymond

Account Executive

The best endorsement EVER!

"RAANGE is the most impactful vehicle we have right now to impact sales"
Lisa Challis
VP Operations and Sales

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