About Us

Raange Inc. was founded in 2013 with the mission to improve communications between merchants and consumers. Since then we have become Canada’s leader in Intelligent Mobile Marketing, and the undisputed market leader of CRM Database Growth working with some of the largest brands in Canada and North America.

We are focused on SMS, MMS and delivering new mobile messaging strategies to help merchants CRUSH MONTHLY SALES TARGETS. By harnessing the power of a high converting opt-in CRM Database, clients have seen a 3,000% ROI on messaging campaigns.

We might be a small team, comprised of cross-industry leaders from mobile payments, securities, IT and marketing, but we punch above our weight. Our team has gone from concept to a leader in Intelligent Mobile Marketing in only a few years, helping to connect nearly 20% of Canadian consumers, and 60% of millennials, with our clients.

Eric Nykamp
CEO & Cofounder
James Elenakis
President & Cofounder

John Giannatsis
CTO & Cofounder

Kevin Guillaume
Head of Information Systems & Security

Alex Roitenburg
Database Architect
Tasso Angelidis
Platform Architect

Ryan Yeun
Full Stack Developer
Diane Wuttke

Matthew Seniuk
Head of Growth

Where You Can Find Us


Helping Retailers “Crush” Their Monthly Sales Targets

6500 Trans-Canadian Highway, Suite 400
Pointe-Claire, Quebec,
H9R 0A5