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The Secret to Growing Subscriber Lists with Interactive Signs

After co-designing, developing and installing more than 12,000 Interactive Signs (used to register more than 14 MILLION opt-in subscribers to email marketing and mobile marketing lists) for retailers and restaurants across North America, we’ve outlined what makes the BEST in-store … Read More

3 Creative Ways for Retailers To Capture First Party Data

First-party data is undoubtedly among the most valuable assets for a company’s marketing efforts. However, just like any high-quality information, this type of data is fairly complicated to acquire. Poor data quality doesn’t just cause campaigns to be inefficient, it … Read More

3 Tips to Writing The Perfect Marketing Text Message

3 Tips to Writing The Perfect Marketing Text Message. For many businesses, getting the right message into the hands of their customers can mean increased conversions during this chaotic time of the year. And text message marketing is still the … Read More

Flyers In The Digital Age — Best Mobile Channels For Flyer Distribution

“All that is new is well-forgotten old,” they say. We continuously reinvent the things that have served us for decades and centuries and improve them to make them even more efficient. We are confident that it’s time to reinvent printed … Read More

5 Most Important Mobile Channels For Marketers

Whatever product you’re selling, having access to first-party data will considerably improve your sales, given that you use this data correctly. In previous articles, we’ve touched on how vital sourcing accurate customer information is. Despite being a hefty task, there … Read More

What’s the difference between first party, second party, and third-party data?

When it comes to collecting data, we’ve definitely entered a more customer-centric era. An essential milestone in this transition was the implementation of the GDPR back in 2018. In combination with the CAN-SPAM Act and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, retailers … Read More

10 SMS marketing stats that will shock you!

The world of marketing is in permanent change, and it is a business’s responsibility to adapt to these changes, and most importantly take advantage of them. Recently the world of SMS marketing has seen an impressive increase in popularity. Despite … Read More

What is the difference between an SMS short code and SMS long code?

We’re really passionate about SMS marketing, and we’ve written extensively on the benefits and applications of text messages. Today, we’re discussing the two most popular ways of sending SMS messages for business — sms short codes and sms long codes.  … Read More

3 Tactics To Capturing Quality Data For Your Customer Database

In the latter part of last year, we ran a campaign for a retail client, Halloween Alley, that really only gets noticed during one time of the year: Halloween.  During that time, a frenzy of people rush into our client’s … Read More