2018 Sees Raange as Canada’s Leader in Intelligent Mobile Marketing

Our AMAZING Success stats from 2018

The retail world that we’re all predicting and talking about, has arrived.  2018 has shown us that this year’s raised consumer expectations in this new retail world CAN be met with technological advancements that exist for us right now.  The customer experience has also become more important than ever, in-store and online as a result of many retailers raising the bar to try to differentiate themselves and meet or exceed these consumer expectations.

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We are proud that this year, Raange has proven the power in strategic mobile messaging and remains the leader in Intelligent Mobile Marketing, helping our clients to crush their monthly sales targets.

One example of our success includes how we impacted a single store from a large retail chain by skyrocketing their sales for a One-Day Sale campaign. We setup an in-store customer acquisition strategy and collected 12,000 mobile subscriptions in 9 months. Then we created a personalized mobile messaging campaign for their One-Day Sale.  YoY comparison of the year before, without Raange to this year with Raange, showed a 300% increase in sales and a ROI of 9,000% on campaign spend!  An insanely successful campaign, indeed!

Within 2018 so far, we have successfully subscribed almost 2 million people to customer lists with only a mere 1% of them unsubscribing after the initial registration. We can also proudly report a 50% win-back rate of unsubscribes that re-register in a 12-month period.

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What’s Happening in 2019?

Cheerio 2018!  It was swell. Now it’s time to look ahead to 2019 when we’ll launch the next generation version of our platform.  Like many a turkey, it will have all the trimmings. We’re talking about a self-service platform unlike anything you’ve seen in the industry.  It will include a customer database builder where you are in control. Search and filter through people in your database. Schedule and send your own campaigns.  You’ll even be able to upload your own stores and generate your own stickers.

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