5 Quick Steps to Generate More Retail Sales Today

SMS marketing has been experiencing a steady increase in popularity with businesses of all kinds within the last few years; the reason being its outstanding efficiency – customers love it. Businesses, on the other hand, are seeing impressive growth in the foot traffic and revenue departments, thanks to this marketing channel.

In this article, we’ll look into a straightforward but powerful five-step approach towards creating a text marketing campaign and generating more sales today. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

1. What are you offering?

In a previous article, we spoke about the importance of having an appealing offer in order to tap into your customers’ sense of urgency. So to lay the foundation for your SMS campaign, you need to establish what you’re going to offer your clients, to arouse their sense of urgency.

There is a vast amount of offers you can make:

    • Percentage discounts
    • X dollars off
    • Buy one, get one free
    • X for the price of X
  • Conditional promotions

Decide which offer model works best for your niche and your store in particular.

2. Choose a keyword for this promotion

Now, you need to choose a memorable keyword that your customers will have to send to a shortcode, in order to benefit from this promotion. It’s best to pick something short, maybe even an imperative verb, like “go,” “win,” “save,” since words like these compel customers to act.

3. Design lead signage!

The next step is to create signage with a distinct and enticing design. It’s always best to consult a designer when attempting to create custom signs for your promotions. Plus, don’t forget to use colors that are naturally appealing and attention-grabbing to the human eye — red, blue, green, black, and orange.

How to use your keywords: print in-store signage, t-shirts, radio ads, billboards, social media, etc…

Here are a few examples from the campaigns we’ve curated:

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? #retailtech #retailmarketing #retail #marketing

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You ready to win?!?#ReMark18 #AmazonEcho

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4. Place signage in-stores or online!

Once you have the signage designed and printed (relating to in store signs), make sure you place them in spots where customers can see them. There is a massive variety of options, depending on your business. For example, if you’re running a clothing store, consider applying promo stickers in your change rooms. eCommerce shops can use them for online ads, radio promotions, experiential marketing campaigns, etc.

However, it’s especially important to have stickers at the point-of-sale, where the cashier can inform the customer about the details of the offer and maybe even motivate customers to partake.

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One of our in-store opt-in lead signs! #marketing #retail #retailmarketing #marketingdatabase

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5. Enjoy new contacts and new sales

This strategy will compel a large number of your customers to return to your store in the future. Furthermore, this approach will let you collect valuable first-party data from your clients at a low cost. We’ve previously touched on the importance of first-party data and why we consider that it’s the future of meaningful business-to-customer interaction.

Besides, strategies like these can provide businesses with up to 25% uplift in same-day sales, which is an excellent addition to your newly-acquired names and phone numbers of happy customers that will be eager to hear about your future offers via text message marketing.

The Wrap Up

This highly-efficient and straightforward strategy provides businesses with a wide range of benefits, from first-party data collection to a considerable uplift in sales.

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