Grow An Industry-Leading Email List with Klaviyo and Raange

Raange & Klaviyo Integration

We are SUPER excited to officially announce our Klaviyo integration for Raange – the most used email marketing platform on Shopify. We are making email marketing more effective for our customers by adding each new subscriber they get from Raange to their email marketing lists.

With Klaviyo and Raange, you can convert your organic in-store traffic to new email subscribers by automatically syncing customer contact data like email addresses collected from your Interactive Signage to your email lists.

How Has The Klaviyo Integration Worked For Our Clients?

“At Raange, we know how important new features and integrations are for our retail marketing and e-commerce clients. Connecting to our customer’s most trusted marketing platforms saves them time, increases productivity, and helps them to increase sales,” ~ Eric Nykamp, CEO. 

“Some of our larger merchants are adding up to 5,000 new email subscribers PER DAY! Now imagine the capability, power, and audience size for your new email marketing campaigns.”

How the Raange X Klaviyo integration works: 

  1. Someone signs up on an Interactive Sign in your storefront
  2. Raange instantly adds a new subscriber to your email list on Klaviyo

Raange lives at the beginning of your marketing stack, automatically adding new subscribers and customer data to the tools and platforms you depend on the most. We help marketing and e-commerce teams drive down their cost per acquisition by nearly 50% by leveraging organic in-store traffic to help hit their marketing and sales goals.

Are you interested in learning more? Please send us an email to with your questions!

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