Who is Frederick Lecoq?

Guest Writer: Matt Seniuk, Head of Growth

I owe Frederick Lecoq, CMO at Golf Town, a thank you. Without any intention, you diagnosed my issue. Your talk at #ReMark19 led me to scan the internet to find a definition for my condition: Marketing Myopia.

To paraphrase, this is when you’re using a short-sighted, inward approach to marketing instead of focusing on your customers’ wants & needs. I was guilty of this, I’ll admit it. Lots of companies are…

We’re a small tech company with ambitious growth targets, but the now (revenue) tends to overshadow our customers’ point of view.

It took one presentation, precisely one slide, by Fredrick at #ReMark19 to illuminate my problem.

This image below shows the 5,000 marketing tech companies – Raange is not on the list so 5,001 – that exist & reach out to people like Frederick daily. I’ve worked with quite a few startups, so this is not a shot at any of them. I get it, you have an amazing solution and building relationships takes a lot longer than you have. Large companies make it VERY difficult even to get a foot in the door — another topic for another day.

At this point, you must be asking yourself what does this have to do with me?

Well, as I scroll through my personal email, I’m overwhelmed by the number of promotional emails I receive. I signed up for them as part of my research and was soon overtaken by a tsunami of daily emails. Nearly 90% of my emails go unread. I roll my eyes when I miss an important email because it was lost in the noise of my inbox.

It’s obvious after all of our discussions with prospective brands and clients, particularly in retail, that brands become so focused on short-term executions that they fail to stop and think about their customer’s experience. Do they know how many promotional emails their customers receive per day – A LOT!

But it made me stop and think. I was taught to remain focused on solving problems. Our company has agreed to make changes to our strategy and these changes are rooted in building long-term relationships.

So what can you do as a retailer to improve my experience of accessing my inbox? Maybe it’s time for you to take a step back and reassess what works and what doesn’t for your email marketing campaigns, and maybe try something new as well.  

So thank you Frederick for diagnosing my Marketing Myopia.

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