Why SMS Registrations is the Best Method For In-Store Customer Acquisition

When we talk about database growth, vertically (in #’s of customers) and horizontally (in how extensive their details are), we get to a point where we need to address the methods by which we capture this information.  It’s all good and dandy to want to fatten up your CRM database, but there are some interesting statistics out there that prove that some ways are better than others.

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Getting customers into your CRM database can be accomplished in several key ways.

Customer information can be entered in-store by a cashier at the POS.  This is a good time to start to get to know your customer better. A salesperson can warm customers to giving their details by incentivizing and giving them just plain awesome customer service.  – Human to human.

Customers themselves, when having been incentivized by email or SMS marketing efforts, can also enter information, outside of the store.   Either way, at some point, a registration process has to happen with the customer who is at the helm of deciding whether or not to register and how much information to give.

Which method of registration do you think the customer ultimately prefers? – SMS, and the proof is in the stats.

According to Gartner, SMS enjoys open rates of 98% while email open rates lag behind at 20%.  Furthermore, SMS response rates to your campaigns are at 45%, while email response rates trail at 6%.

Did you know that it takes a person an average of 90 seconds to respond to a text versus 90 minutes to respond to an email? (Source: CTIA)

To compliment that, 95% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes (Source: Forbes) with the most on average being read in under 5 seconds. (Source: Slick Text)

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS.

It’s pretty clear that SMS proves to be the winner. SMS is more likely to grab the customer’s attention and get them to respond. With the 74 trillion emails being sent out per year (Source: Radicati Group) compared to 8 trillion texts being sent per year (Source: Domo), email has clearly become a saturated medium to deliver information while SMS has room to grow into the most reliable and successful way to incentivize your customers and get them registering into your CRM database.

Once your customers are registered, meaning they know who you are and you know who they are, other mediums of information delivery can be used to compliment your communication with them. To start the ball rolling, though, and get in those registrations, you’ve got to start thinking mobile.  Strong and fast growth for your CRM database depends on it.

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