Customer Testimonial

3 Tactics To Capturing Quality Data For Your Customer Database

In the latter part of last year, we ran a campaign for a retail client, Halloween Alley, that really only gets noticed during one time of the year: Halloween.  During that time, a frenzy of people rush into our client’s … Read More

Partnership Announcement: Raange x Popeye’s Toronto

It’s crucial for companies to take an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the hard work of their teams. Today, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of two sides, as we are proud to announce that Raange will now be … Read More

Customer Testimonial: Bellissima

Having understood not only the trend but the importance of connecting directly with busy customers, Bellisima Fashions started engaging customers directly on their mobile devices and launched their new VIP Text Promo Program at 14 of their 28 Bellissima locations. Through … Read More