Marketing List Growth

The Secret to Growing Subscriber Lists with Interactive Signs

After co-designing, developing and installing more than 12,000 Interactive Signs (used to register more than 14 MILLION opt-in subscribers to email marketing and mobile marketing lists) for retailers and restaurants across North America, we’ve outlined what makes the BEST in-store … Read More

3 Creative Ways for Retailers To Capture First Party Data

First-party data is undoubtedly among the most valuable assets for a company’s marketing efforts. However, just like any high-quality information, this type of data is fairly complicated to acquire. Poor data quality doesn’t just cause campaigns to be inefficient, it … Read More

What’s the difference between first party, second party, and third-party data?

When it comes to collecting data, we’ve definitely entered a more customer-centric era. An essential milestone in this transition was the implementation of the GDPR back in 2018. In combination with the CAN-SPAM Act and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law, retailers … Read More

Raange vs Social Advertising – Cost Comparison

What is cost per acquisition? Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is an essential metric that helps businesses measure how well their marketing campaigns perform compared to their competition. Essentially, CPA reflects how much a company had to pay in advertising, in … Read More

3 Ways SMS Marketing Can Increase App Downloads

Businesses that have decided to design and build an app need to find the best way to advertise their products and engage their potential customers so that the app they’ve developed doesn’t go unnoticed. Retailers and restaurants need to go … Read More

What is CCPA, and how will it affect marketers?

As we continue to read stories about consumer privacy violations, we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight new legislation coming into effect soon, following in the footsteps of GDPR in Europe. We’ve compiled a brief list of things … Read More

Top 5 Campaigns to Fill Your Customer Database

Ever eat something so yummy and perfectly spiced that the swallowing of it entices that tummy-teasing feeling of wanting more and more?  If we indulge our cravings a little too much, our pants become tight and we can’t see our … Read More

Grow An Industry-Leading Email List with Klaviyo and Raange

We are SUPER excited to officially announce our Klaviyo integration for Raange – the most used email marketing platform on Shopify. We are making email marketing more effective for our customers by adding each new subscriber they get from Raange … Read More