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Best practices for using SMS Marketing on Instagram

Not many companies are using SMS Marketing on Instagram.  We truly believe companies are missing out on a great opportunity to grow their marketing lists by using SMS Marketing on Instagram. Previously, we’ve spoken about the efficiency of SMS Keywords … Read More

Flyers In The Digital Age — Best Mobile Channels For Flyer Distribution

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5 Most Important Mobile Channels For Marketers

Whatever product you’re selling, having access to first-party data will considerably improve your sales, given that you use this data correctly. In previous articles, we’ve touched on how vital sourcing accurate customer information is. Despite being a hefty task, there … Read More

3 Ways SMS Marketing Can Increase App Downloads

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What’s the Difference Between SMS & MMS

Mobile technology has a lot to offer when it comes to messaging. Whether you’re using iOS or Android, Viber or WhatsApp, you’re most certainly familiar with SMS and MMS. But how much do you know about them? Especially when it … Read More

Raange Success Stats

Raange Highlights: Raange Smart Solutions used in more than 1,400 stores across North America Deliver 3X increase in CRM Database growth. Retargeting CRM Database doubled e-commerce sales growth. Over 95% text messages opened and read within 5 minutes of dispatch. … Read More