Text Message Marketing

ROI Study: Email VS Text Message Marketing

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The Secret to Growing Subscriber Lists with Interactive Signs

After co-designing, developing and installing more than 12,000 Interactive Signs (used to register more than 14 MILLION opt-in subscribers to email marketing and mobile marketing lists) for retailers and restaurants across North America, we’ve outlined what makes the BEST in-store … Read More

3 Tips to Writing The Perfect Marketing Text Message

3 Tips to Writing The Perfect Marketing Text Message. For many businesses, getting the right message into the hands of their customers can mean increased conversions during this chaotic time of the year. And text message marketing is still the … Read More

10 SMS marketing stats that will shock you!

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What is the difference between an SMS short code and SMS long code?

We’re really passionate about SMS marketing, and we’ve written extensively on the benefits and applications of text messages. Today, we’re discussing the two most popular ways of sending SMS messages for business — sms short codes and sms long codes.  … Read More

Need to rapidly test marketing channels?

As we continue to reach out to our customers and network, one issue that has come up during these conversations, is the need to rapidly pivot from a traditional sales channel (brick-and-mortar) to eRetail just to survive this crisis. The … Read More

3000% ROI Using SMS Marketing!

There hasn’t been a better time for advertising — customers can now be reached anywhere and at all times, which naturally puts businesses in a very favourable position. Companies can now attract higher numbers of customers to their stores by … Read More