Create a new revenue channel with mobile

Raange can help retail chains unlock new revenue channels quickly without the need for timely and expensive tech deployments.

Tired of complicated mobile solutions?

How many times a week do you receive an email from another marketing tech company promoting "the best solution to help increase sales!" Only to learn that you need to invest a lot of money OR get challenging approval from multiple departments OR you likely need a degree in computer sciences... just to use it properly??Because of COVID-19, your company is likely scrambling to figure out new ways to increase sales online. It may feel daunting, but Raange can help you turn mobile into a new revenue channel for physical and e-commerce stores. We built Raange to offer retailers straightforward, effective solutions that do not require mobile experience and can also add value to what you're already doing, like email marketing campaigns!

Some of our customers and partners..

Subscriber Growth

Grow email and mobile marketing lists quickly

Automate subscriber acquisition and capture reliable, compliant, accurate-to-a-fault customer data from anyone across multiple channels: physical stores, e-commerce stores, social media, radio ads, TV and more.

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Store-level list management

The easiest way to connect customers to local promotions

Finally, a platform that makes it easy to grow store-specific marketing lists and drive traffic back to the same store your customers first visited!

No IT Required. No Mobile Experience Needed.

Increase Traffic

Personalized messaging campaigns that increase traffic

The quickest way to add mobile to your arsenal of marketing channels and increase traffic in-store and online. Send personalized, direct messaging campaigns that get a 98% open rate and 30x ROI. Yes, it's possible.

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What our customers are saying...

“Raange is the most powerful vehicle we have right now to impact sales.”

Lisa Challis
VP Operations and Sales
“Raange mobile messaging solution has been very effective for us in acquiring customer data and the team at Raange has been an integral part of our mobile marketing strategy. ”

Geoff Matthews
Vice President
“Great customer service. It was a very personal experience – if there were issues they were dealt with in a quick efficient manner. It was great! Raange helped us to obtain contact information for our customers.”
Lorna Pierson
Director of Merchandising

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See how Raange can help you meet your acquisition and retention goals - book a personalized demo of our Marketing Engagement Platform.