Launched! OnDemand Webinar: Customer Acquisition Automation Program

Webinar on Capture: the ultimate strategy to automate your customer acquisition program.

In this video you will learn the The Retail Sales Quadrant™, our strategy to capturing First Party Data, growing your CRM Database and driving more sales in-store and online!

This video holds the details to the ultimate, step-by-step strategy to our Customer Acquisition Automation Program, which will help you to grow a high performance CRM Database that converts to sales!

In the video we cover:

1) Framework to automate capturing customer data – Step-by-step framework to automate your database growth, used to convert more than 12 million subscribers

2) How to use Texting to Grow Your Database – We’ll show the exact strategy we use to grow lists for our customers.

3) How First Party Data Can Help You Increase Sales – This is the strategy our customers use to hit up to 25% sales uplifts and 3000% ROI on campaigns! Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on best practices and trends in customer acquisition and mobile messaging

About the The Retail Sales Quadrant™

Our foundation is built upon four pillars that are wedged into our psyche and guide us to produce and deliver the highest converting opt-in CRM databases that exist.  We refer to our pillars as the “4 C’s.” The Retail Sales Quadrant™ houses the 4 C’s.


The Capture pillar focuses on capturing first party data to help you grow your customer database. These contacts are fully approachable because they are 100% Opted-In.  We use engaging in-store interactive signage as the gateway to collecting rich new contact data. This valuable data can be used to create high-converting campaigns and to produce a range of analytics that can be used to convert the unconverted.  Furthermore, new customer acquisition is fraud-protected by a mobile messaging validation we call Mobilelock that is unparalleled in the industry.


The Create pillar focuses on creating and scheduling personalized messaging campaigns designed to trigger customers to react enthusiastically and want to buy. The degree of personalization that can be added to a campaign is directly related to the data collected during new-contact capture.  Personalization and creative messaging make for campaigns that are engaging and prompt fast response times. Campaigns can also be segmented by store and by zone.


The Communicate pillar guides us to efficiently broadcast the most robust campaigns possible. Broadcasts are sent based on day and time and include time zone management.  Mobile messaging broadcasts alone enjoy an open-rate of over 95%. We can incorporate Intelligent ShortURLs into messages and provide powerful user activity tracking statistics for our clients.


The Celebrate pillar is what it’s all for.  As we increase traffic to their retail stores and ecommerce sites, our clients can enjoy 5-25% uplift in Sales and at least 3000% ROI within a 24-hour period.  When clients are strapped for how get out of the red and back into the black, we quickly and easily give them cause to celebrate.

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